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Schools – a long-term solution

In Rojava, Northern Syria, a war against the so-called Islamic State has been waged during the last few years. The war has devastated large parts of Rojava and now, when the area has been liberated from both IS and the Syrian dictatorship, its people need our solidarity.

They need our help to rebuild their society.

The city of Kobanê, which lies on the border to Turkey, became a symbol of the resistance against IS. The battle for the city resulted in it now being a city of ruins. But life is slowly returning to Kobanê. Therefore, it is our wish to aid the enormous effort being put into the rebuilding work, so that its people can live with dignity at home.

As in all wars, children were the most adversely affected. Before the war and the ravages of IS, there lived 65,000 children in Kobanê. Today 28,000 children live there. Among those, around 30 percent do not have a school to go to, and those that do many times have to attend class in school buildings wearing the marks of a war zone.

In the city alone, a need exists to build five new schools, with another fifty-five needed in the surrounding countryside. At the moment funds are lacking, which is the reason behind that fact that not a single school in and around Kobanê is being built. The need is nonetheless enormous, to say the least.

When the city was under siege, the Rojava Committees collected and sent ten tonnes of clothes to those who had to flee from IS. We also built a music studio in Kobanê and contributed both volunteers as well as materials to the city’s rehab center. The Committees wish to help strengthen civil society on location. One way of doing so is to collect money for repairs of damaged schools and construction of entirely new ones.

We do so through this campaign. Access to education equates to prospects for the future and you can help!

Please mark your contribution “school”. All work by the Rojava Committees is done on a voluntary basis. By coordinating with the Kobanê Reconstruction Board it is guaranteed that all funds go entirely and without middlemen to the schools where needs are the greatest.

Your contribution makes a difference!

Your contribution matters!

From each according to his ability

Big and small.

Thank You!

//Rojava Committees, Sweden